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Hire a Disability Lawyer

Your disability lawyer can help you fill out the paperwork, make the process easier, and help you improve your odds of ... Read More

Non-Medical Requirements

In order to qualify for disability benefits for either SSDI or SSI it is obvious that an important prerequisite is that ... Read More

Disability Denial Letters

A denial letter is no reason to grieve or give up hope. Most are accepted on the second attempt. The important thing is ... Read More

Income Limits for SSDI Benefits

When applying for SSDI benefits, an important non-medical requirement involves your monthly income. Read More

What are Work Credits?

Work credits are earned during your employment, each year you pay the Social Security or FICA tax. This money goes ... Read More

How to Claim the Disability Tax Credit

The disability tax credit is a very useful tool that you should take full advantage of. They can save you money and then ... Read More

Medical Evidence for Disability Claims

You must provide all medical evidence only from objective acceptable medical treating sources. It is important to know ... Read More

Mental Illness Disability Claim

To qualify you must have a mental disorder that is on the Federal Listing of Impairments or any other legitimate ... Read More

Disabled Widow Benefits

If you’re disabled and a widow, it can seem that there is little hope for help. However, the Social Security ... Read More

Collecting Disability Payments

Collecting disability payments can be a complicated mess. When you receive payments depends on which programs you ... Read More

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Fewer disabled students enroll
Jun 30/2015 - According to charter schools are popping up all around the United States. Which is a good thing for some and a bad one for others. The schools are ...
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MMM Hosts Webinar on Americans
Jun 29/2015 - According to Market a White House member will be hosting a live broadcast on the internet to discuss issues within one of the largest programs for ...
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Disability Rights Vermont
Jun 29/2015 - According to who is to blame for a father was a victim to his son stealing his money.
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